Keto and Co Update #1

First 20 Feedback Kits Go Out Friday

The first 20 of 50 preview feedback kits are going out this Friday April 8.  Recipients were randomly selected using the  So far 12 of the 20 have given us their mailing addresses.  If the other 8 don't get back to us, their kits will be up for grabs again in the next drawing.

Recipes Updates

After more than a year of work we've nailed the recipes for Brownies (190 calories per brownie, 2.4 grams net carbs, 1.3 grams net carbs/100 calories), Keto Hot Breakfast (290 calories per serving, 3.4 grams net carbs, 1.2 grams net carbs/100 calories), and the Vanilla, Chocolate, and Coffee flavored protein powder (110 calories, .5 grams net carbs, 0.45 grams net carbs per 100 calories). 
 In addition to getting great taste marks from our dozen or so testers, my non-Keto 10 year old has given a thumbs up to every single one of those (well, except the coffee flavored protein - that has received thumbs up from myself and fellow coffee addicts).  Our taste testers are honest.  My 10 year old is brutally honest.  If he likes the recipes, and even asks for seconds, I'm confident you will, too.  
The ice cream recipes are going OK.  Right now they've got too high of carb content (2.8 grams net carbs per 100 calories) and they freeze very solid.  Not things you look for in an ice cream.  I teared up when I tasted the ice cream and the brownies together (pictured above.) I didn't realize how much I missed ice cream in the year and a half i've been keto until I was crying in my kitchen.  They taste fantastic, but we can do better.  We're running more tests this week and are confident we can get the ice cream down to the 1.5 grams net carbs per 100 calories mark.   Stay tuned.

Preview for Customers of Keto Delivered

If you're a subscriber of the Keto Delivered subscription box, I can share a secret with you.  The April box is going to have a preview of one of our products.  I can't tell you which, but I can tell you that it is delicious.  If you're not already a subscriber of Keto Delivered, as of yesterday they inform me there are 46 boxes left before they sell out this month.  You can grab one while they last at

Thank you!

On a final note, I want to say thank you to everyone who has expressed enthusiasm and interest in Keto and Co.  We've been blown away by the enthusiasm and it makes the long days and nights we're putting in worth it.  We believe the world needs more high quality ultra low carb options, and we're gratified to see others enthusiastically agree.
The Team at 
Ted, Elyse, Erica, Matt

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