The Best Keto Yogurts You Need To Try

If you’ve visited the dairy aisle, you may have been deterred by all of the added sugars in the yogurt and milk options, especially in the flavored ones. But the good news is that due to the growing popularity of the keto diet, a high-fat, low-carb way of eating, there are more low sugar yogurt products every day! Here at Keto and Co, we believe in supporting you with ways to incorporate more ease and variety into your everyday routine, so we reviewed all of the keto yogurt options for you! 

How exactly is yogurt made?

Making your own yogurt may seem unusual, but it’s easier than you think! It’s simply a combination of milk or nut milk, active culture, and few extra ingredients to reach your desired thickness.

Here’s a simple recipe from

All you need is:

-1 can full-fat coconut milk

-2 capsules probiotic-10

-½ tsp xanthan gum (¼ tsp of xanthan gum in each jar)

-⅔ cup heavy whipping cream

-Toppings of your choice

Get the full recipe here

The benefit of making your own keto yogurt is you get to choose high-quality ingredients and keep the added sugars out of your recipe. You can even add extra sweetness by incorporating your favorite sugar replacer, low sugar granola, or mixing in berries.

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What are the benefits of eating yogurt?

Eating low-carb yogurt every day can be beneficial to your overall health. You may experience the following improvements in:

  • Better Digestion: Yogurt with active probiotics has been linked to improved digestion and lessened symptoms of digestive issues like IBS, constipation, and diarrhea.
  • Bone Health: Due to its high calcium and protein content, consuming dairy can help protect against osteoporosis
  • Lower Blood Pressure: Consuming dairy regularly has been linked to lowering blood pressure in people experiencing high blood pressure already.

Can you eat yogurt on a keto diet?

Yes, you can totally eat yogurt on a keto diet if you read your nutrition facts panels carefully. However, most low-fat yogurts, including plain flavors, contain added sugar, and high-fat yogurts can be hard to find. There are a few ways to find a yogurt that’s right for your keto lifestyle; look out for whole milk options, stick to the plain flavors or find a keto yogurt that’s using low glycemic sweeteners like allulose or monk fruit.

When it comes to yogurt add-ins, stick to low-carbs options like berries, nuts, or this no sugar added Keto Granola!

Is Greek yogurt keto?

Greek yogurt can be keto-friendly depending on the added sugar content and foods you pair it with. On average, a half cup of store-bought plain Greek yogurt contains 4g net carbs and 9g protein. Due to its high protein content, Greek yogurt is a great, filling meal or snack that’s been proven to decrease appetite. If you’d like to increase the fat content, you can add coconut oil, MCT oil, or nuts to keep you satiated for hours.

Finding plain Greek yogurt at your local store is easy; brands like Chobani, Fage, and siggi’s are in grocery stores throughout the U.S.

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What is the difference between regular and Greek yogurt?

Greek yogurt and regular yogurt are fermented dairy products, but Greek yogurt has a thicker consistency, more protein, and fewer carbs than regular yogurt. Greek yogurt is strained three times which drains out excess water, minerals, and whey. The straining process also makes a tangier taste than what you may be used to.

While Greek and regular yogurt are different nutritionally, they can provide the same benefits like improving digestion, heart health, and decreasing appetite.

What are the best yogurts to eat on a keto diet? (listed in no particular order)

yogurt with granola

1. Two Good Yogurt

  • Nutrition facts:
    • Calories: 80
    • Net carbs: 3g
    • Fat: 2g
    • Protein: 12g
    • Sugar: 2g
  • Flavor options: Plain, Black Cherry, Strawberry, Vanilla, Mango Hibiscus, Meyer Lemon and more

Keto and Co’s review:

Two Good’s Greek yogurt was a Keto and Co team favorite. We tried the black cherry, vanilla, strawberry, and plain flavors and enjoyed the thick consistency and the overall taste of each of them!

There was no aftertaste but left a slightly chalky feeling in our mouths. If you like tartness, the black cherry and strawberry flavors are the ones for you. 

Pro tip: because Two Good's yogurt is low in fat try adding MCT or avocado oil for an added boost to your daily fat intake.

2. :Ratio

  • Nutrition facts:
    • Calories: 200
    • Net carbs: 2g
    • Fat: 15g
    • Protein: 15g
    • Sugar: 1g
  • Flavors: Black Cherry, Strawberry, Vanilla, Coconut, and Mango

Keto and Co’s review:

:Ratio has a keto and a protein yogurt. The protein yogurt has 25g of protein with 7g net carbs and 3g sugar. The :Ratio Keto yogurt is much more suitable for a keto lifestyle with 2g total carbs, 15g fat and 1g sugar. Another added benefit of the :Ratio Keto Yogurt is the high-fat content because it may help keep you full longer than the other low-carb yogurts.

Overall, we thought that the :Ratio Keto is another great option for a low-carb yogurt. The texture was silky and thick. The mango flavor was our team’s favorite because the strawberry flavor was too sweet for our liking.

3. Chobani Zero Sugar

  • Nutrition facts (based on blueberry flavor)
      • Calories: 60
      • Net carbs: 1g
      • Fat: 0g
      • Protein: 11g
      • Sugar: 0g
    • Flavors: Blueberry, Mixed Berry, Strawberry, Vanilla, Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake, Toasted Coconut, Milk & Cookies
    • Where to buy

    Keto and Co’s review:

    Chobani launched a zero sugar yogurt in June 2021, one of the first zero sugar yogurts ever created. It’s the lowest in calories and net carbs (1g) compared to others on this list but with zero grams of fat (we love fat here).

    Chobani uses allulose to sweeten its zero sugar yogurt, which may look confusing on the label since it’s not listed on their nutrition facts panel.

    So here's how you break it down:

    5g total carbs - 4g allulose = 1g net carb

    Let us know what you think in the comments below!

    3. The Greek Gods Yogurt

  • Nutrition Facts:
      • Calories: 140
      • Net carbs: 8g
      • Fat: 10g
      • Protein: 6g
      • Sugar: 6g
    • Flavors: Vanilla, Black Cherry, Strawberry, Peach, and Blueberry

    Keto and Co’s review:

    While this yogurt has 50% less sugar than leading brands, The Greek God’s “keto-friendly” yogurt still has 6g sugar and 8g net carbs, the highest sugar and carb content out of the options on this list. Additionally, this Greek yogurt is the lowest protein option. Our team enjoyed the light and fresh peach flavor and thick consistency, but we would likely pick another yogurt brand due to the nutritional value.

    4. Kite Hill Non-Dairy Greek-Style Yogurt

  • Nutrition facts:
      • Calories: 160
      • Net carbs: 4g
      • Fat: 10g
      • Protein: 11g
      • Sugar: 2g
    • Flavors: Plain (unsweetened), Vanilla (unsweetened)

    Keto and Co’s review:

    If you’re avoiding dairy, try Kite Hill’s Unsweetened Greek Yogurt flavors. Overall, we enjoyed the thick texture after mixing the yogurt to eliminate the initial separation and watery appearance. There’s a strong nutty flavor, but the flavor was enjoyable when mixed with berries or granola! 

    yogurt with keto granola

    5. Kroger CarbMaster Yogurt

  • Nutrition facts:
      • Calories: 70
      • Net carbs: 5g
      • Fat: 1.5g
      • Protein: 9g
      • Sugar: 1g
    • Flavors: Vanilla, Orange Vanilla, Cherry, Key Lime, and more

    Keto and Co’s review:

    We couldn't find CarbMaster Yogurt in our local grocery stores, but you can try it yourself by finding a store near you!


    6. YQ (by Yoplait) Protein Yogurt (Plain)

    • Nutrition facts:
      • Calories: 100
      • Net carbs: 2g
      • Fat: 3g
      • Protein: 17g
      • Sugar: 1g
    • Flavors: Plain (the flavored yogurts have >10g net carbs)

    Keto and Co’s review:

    We couldn't find this product in our local grocery stores, but you can try it yourself by finding a store near you! The plain is the only YQ Protein Yogurt flavor that's suitable for a keto lifestyle. If you’re looking for a higher protein option, this YQ Protein Yogurt has the highest protein content of all of the brands on this list.

    7. Good Culture Cottage Cheese (Whole Milk Plain)

  • Nutrition facts:
      • Calories: 140
      • Net carbs: 3g
      • Fat: 6g
      • Protein: 19g
      • Sugar: 3g
    • Flavors: Whole Milk Plain

    Keto and Co’s review:

    We didn’t have a chance to taste test this product, but we wanted to include it in the list because of its simple ingredients and high protein content. Like Greek yogurt, you can sweeten the plain cottage cheese up with berries, nuts, low sugar granola, and more! Let us know if you’ve tried it!


    8. Other Plain Greek Yogurts:

    • siggi’s
    • Chobani 
    • Kirkland Signature
    • Silk Plain (Dairy free)

    Keto and Co’s review:

    If you prefer plain yogurt flavors or can’t find the flavored keto yogurts listed above, there are many options in your local grocery store.

    siggi’s plain Greek yogurt was unanimously our favorite plain option. One of our teammates said, "it tastes like I'm on a farm in Iceland, and that this yogurt was just freshly whipped and served to me." We also liked that there was no aftertaste, and the thick texture was heavenly!

    keto granola

    How can you sweeten keto-friendly yogurts?

    You can sweeten your keto yogurt by simply adding in a sugar replacer or pairing it with other sweet foods to mix in. For example, you can add berries, sugar-free chocolate chips, or something crunchy like nuts or keto granola to make it sweet. You may even enjoy a drizzle of keto-friendly syrup mixed in for a simple, added sweetness.

    If you’re not into toppings or extra flavor in your yogurt, you can sweeten your yogurt with a sugar replacer. Some of your keto sweetener options include erythritol, monk fruit, or stevia, but we prefer Wondrose Sugar Replacer. Unlike other sweeteners, it has a clean, sweet taste and contains prebiotic fiber to help promote a healthy gut!

    You can eat yogurt again!

    Yogurt is back and it can be a great snack or quick breakfast option for keto and your overall health. You can sweeten it up with your favorite toppings or fresh fruits or even use it in your savory recipes wherever you’d use sour cream! Email us at if you end up trying any of the options we listed above and for a discount on our Keto Granola!


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