10 Keto Chicken Recipes Perfect for the Whole Family

Looking for some easy, low carb meals that the whole family will love? We’ve got your back! From delicious low carb enchilada bowls to a keto pesto casserole, there’s a meal on this list for every night of the week!


Keto Chicken Thighs in Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Transform ordinary chicken thighs into a palate-pleasing meal with this flavorful sauce. This keto-friendly recipe purees roasted red peppers with heavy cream and a little bit of spice. It’s perfect for ‘spicing up’ your average weekday!

Low Carb Primavera Stuffed Chicken

This colorful and creative recipe adds the veggies to your chicken breast, in a way you have probably never tried before! This recipe pairs zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and mozzarella with a well seasoned, flavorful chicken breast. Mix things up this week and give it a go!

Keto Chicken and Waffles

Indulge in this southern-inspired comfort food while keeping it keto-friendly. Who doesn’t love crispy, savory chicken pair with a fluffy waffle? Enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, dinner--honestly, this recipe will make you smile anytime of the day!

Coconut Curry Keto Chicken

Do you miss warm and rich Indian spices? Yes, this magic can still happen, even on keto. This rich and flavorful coconut curry chicken recipe is delicious and pairs perfectly with cauliflower rice!

Keto Asian Chicken with Peanut Coleslaw

This zesty, garlicky dish is the perfect way to spice up your week! Served on a bed of coleslaw, this refreshing meal is sure to be a family favorite.

Low Carb Mozzarella Chicken Thighs

If you love caprese salad, then you’ll LOVE this dish! With just a few simple ingredients and ready in less than 30 minutes this chicken mozzarella recipe will make it into the weekly rotation of dinners in no time!

Keto Chicken Enchilada Bowl

If you miss enchiladas, then this is the perfect recipe for you! Enjoy all of the flavors of enchiladas without the carbs. Served over cauliflower rice with chicken drenched in delicious red sauce just like you remember!

Low Carb Chicken Casserole

We love a good one-skillet meal! This cheesy chicken casserole bake is creamy, hearty and the perfect dish for leftovers throughout the week!   

Keto Pesto Chicken Casserole with Feta and Olives

This Mediterranean-inspired recipe is a flavorful twist on a classic chicken casserole dish. Filled with pesto, feta and olives, your taste buds and your family will thank you after just one bite!

Low Carb Indian Butter Chicken

Enjoy this delicious recipe made keto-friendly! Buttery and packed with flavor in every bite, this Indian chicken served with roasted cauliflower is a great meal the whole family will love!



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