3 Gourmet Keto Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipes

One bite of these extra savory and gourmet grilled cheeses and you’ll never want another regular grilled cheese again! Sandwiched in between our crispy Keto Flatbread, enjoy these 3 gourmet keto grilled cheese sandwiches with a bowl of your favorite soup! Recipe + photo by @cleaneaterr 


What You’ll Need for the Keto Flatbread:

-1 bag of Keto and Co Flatbread and Pizza Mix

-4 Tbsp butter, softened

-2 eggs

-1 cup of lukewarm water


What You’ll Need for the Pesto Caprese Grilled Cheese:

-1 slice provolone cheese

-2 slices mozzarella cheese

-1 tomato, sliced

-2 Tbsp pesto


What You’ll Need for the Bacon Avocado Grilled Cheese:

-2 slices pepper jack cheese

-2 slices of cooked bacon 

-1 avocado, sliced 


What You’ll Need for the Gouda and Prosciutto Grilled Cheese:

-2 slices of gouda cheese

-2 slices of prosciutto 

-1-2 Tbsp sugar free jam of your choice

-A small handful of arugula 


Cooking Instructions: 

  1. Preheat the oven to 350F.
  2. Combine Keto and Co Flatbread Mix, 1 cup lukewarm water, butter and eggs in a medium mixing bowl and stir until smooth dough forms.
  3.  Roll dough between 2 sheets of parchment paper to ¼” - ⅓” thick.
  4.  Cut into 12  4” squares and place on a baking sheet. (Optional: Let rise 1 hour for best flavor)
  5. Bake for 15 minutes. While it is baking, gather your ingredients for your sandwiches. 
  6. While the bread is warm, start assembling the sandwiches.
  7. For your Pesto Caprese Grilled Cheese, spread pesto on one slice of Keto Flatbread, then top with mozzarella, provolone and a few slices of tomato.
  8. For your Bacon Avocado Grilled Cheese, lay down your pepper jack cheese, then top with bacon, avocado. 
  9. For your Gouda and Prosciutto Grilled Cheese, spread your sugar-free jam on one slice of Keto Flatbread, then top with arugula, gouda and prosciutto. 
  10. Eat each sandwich as is or sear each side quickly on the stove top to melt your cheese and enjoy! 

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