Easy Keto Breakfast Pizza

Sometimes you’re craving breakfast and sometimes you’re craving pizza, so why not have both? Made with our Keto Flatbread, this on-the-go breakfast will be ready to enjoy in less than 30 minutes for a delicious and nutritious morning meal! Recipe + photo by @alittlemorebalanced 


What You’ll Need for Flatbread:

-1 bag Keto and Co Flatbread Mix

-½ stick of butter

-2 eggs

-1 cup lukewarm water


What You’ll Need for Toppings:

-4 eggs scrambled 

-6 pieces of bacon, cut into small pieces

-1/4 cup cheese of choice


Cooking Instructions:

  1. Preheat the oven to 350F.
  2. Combine Keto and Co Flatbread Mix, eggs, butter and lukewarm water in a mixing bowl until smooth dough forms.
  3. Roll dough between two sheets of parchment paper to ¼”-⅓” thick. 
  4. Bake for 15 minutes. 
  5. While your flatbread is baking, scramble your eggs and cook your bacon. Once bacon is ready, cut into small pieces. 
  6. Once flatbread is ready, spread scrambled eggs, sprinkle bacon and top with cheese!
  7. Dress with hot sauce or salsa for an extra zing. 
  8. Cut into squares and enjoy!



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