Festive 4th of July Low Carb Charcuterie Board

Need a festive and delicious appetizer for your 4th of July BBQ? This keto-friendly charcuterie board is filled with cured meats, star-shaped cheese, delicious Keto Granola and any other low carb snacks you decide to add to it! 

What You’ll Need:

For the Flatbread:

-1 bag of Keto and Co Flatbread and Pizza Mix

- 2 eggs

- 4 Tbsp butter, softened

-1 cup of lukewarm water


For the board:




-Keto and Co Chocolate Sea Salt Keto Granola

-Cheese of your choice

-Star shaped cookie cutter

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Combine Keto and Co Flatbread and Pizza Mix, 1 cup of lukewarm water, 4 tbsp of butter, and eggs in a medium bowl until smooth dough forms
  2. Roll out dough between two sheets of parchment paper to ¼ “-⅓” thick
  3. Cut into small circles (size of your choice), place on a baking sheet and let rise for 1 hour for best flavor and bake for 15 minutes. 
  4. Cut the cheese of your choice into medium thick slices, cut out using your star cookie cutter and set aside.
  5. Grab your favorite wooden board and place your flatbread, salami, star-shaped cheese, strawberries, blueberries, Keto and Co Chocolate Sea Salt Keto Granola how you like and enjoy! 


Each Keto Flatbread Mix makes 12 servings. Each serving has

Calories: 90

Net carbs: 1.4g

Fat: 7g

Protein: 4g

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