Goat Cheese Rolled in Keto Chocolate Sea Salt Granola

Creamy and tangy goat cheese paired with sweet and crunchy keto granola is the perfect flavor pairing, pallet-pleasing appetizer! Serve with fresh, low carb veggies for an easy and complete dish. Recipe + photo by @ketobydesign 

What You’ll Need:

-1/2 cup of Keto and Co Chocolate Sea Salt Granola or Keto and Co Honey Nut Crunch Granola

-1 log of goat cheese of your choice

-Handful of cherry tomatoes, halved

-2 cups of broccoli, chopped

-1 bell pepper, sliced

-1 cucumber, sliced

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Spread your Keto and Co Granola of choice on a plate.
  2. Take your goat cheese and roll it in the granola until fully coated. 
  3. Arrange your prepared veggies on a platter and serve with granola coated goat cheese!



Makes 4 one ounce servings.

Each 1 oz serving is:

Calories: 156


Net Carbs: 1.1

Protein: 7

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