How To Make Delicious Low Carb Whipped Cream

Take your keto treats to the next level of deliciousness with some naturally sweetened whipped cream, to make the low carb dessert of your dreams! Photo by @katesketohomestead

What You’ll Need:

-1 Tbsp Wondrose Sugar Replacer

-1 cup heavy cream, chilled

-1 tsp vanilla extract

Cooking Instructions:

  1. In a small bowl, beat Wondrose, heavy cream and vanilla extract with an electric hand mixer until you see stiff peaks form. 
  2. Spread between your Keto Fudge Brownies or any of your favorite low carb treats!


Each 1 Tbsp of whipped cream has:

Calories: 46 calories

Fat: 5g

Net carbs: 1.1g

Protein: 0

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