Keto Banana Caramel Muffin Doughnut Recipe

Have a delightfully low-carb morning with these beautiful and flavorful doughnuts made with Keto and Co's Banana Caramel Muffin Mix! Enjoy this recipe created by Erica Norton - Keto by Design.

What You'll Need: 

- 1 Package of Keto and Co's Banana Caramel Muffin Mix (also on Amazon

- 1/2 tsp cider vinegar (muffin preparation) 

- 4 large eggs (muffin preparation) 

- 6 Tbsp butter (3/4 stick), melted (muffin preparation)

- 1/3 powdered sugar substitute

- 3 tbs sugar-free caramel syrup (suggested ChocZero)

- 3 tbs heavy whipping cream  

- Doughnut pan 

- Air Fryer 


1. Preheat oven to 350 F and grease or line doughnut pan. The batter will make 9 servings 

2. Beat muffin mix, eggs, and butter in mixing bowl until smooth 

3. Let batter sit 30 seconds, then stir in cider vinegar 

4. Spread batter evenly in a prepared doughnut pan

5. Bake until lightly browned, about 20 minutes 

6. Let cool and pop out of doughnut mold. Air fry doughnut for 3 minutes at 350 F. Flip halfway through. *This is what gives them the fried doughnut taste and feel*

7. Cool once more and begin frosting mix. Add 1/3 cup of your favorite powdered sugar substitute, caramel syrup, and heavy whipping cream. Mix and drizzle on to trees. 

Missed bananas on your keto diet? We hope we satisfied your cravings with this one!

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