Keto Cinnamon "Sugar" Cake Doughnuts

Doughnut worry, be happy! Yet again, Jared Cluck baked something special and delicious. This time it's his homemade Keto Cinnamon "Sugar" Cake doughnuts using our Vanilla Keto Cake Mix!

What You'll Need: 

- 1 package of Keto and Co Vanilla Keto Cake Mix (also on Amazon)

- 6 Tbsp butter, browned

- 4 eggs

- 1/2 tsp cider vinegar 

- 2 tsp cinnamon 

- 1/4 cup brown erythritol

- 1/4 cup Wondrose (also on Amazon


1. Preheat oven to 350 F and grease doughnut tin. Batter will make 9 donuts 

2. Brown the butter: Melt the butter in a light-colored saucepan over medium heat. Swirl the pan occasionally so the butter cooks evenly. Then it will begin to foam. The color will progress from yellow to golden brown to toasty-brown. Once you smell that nutty aroma, take the pan off the heat and transfer to bowl.

3. Beat Keto Cake Mix, eggs, 1 tsp cinnamon and butter in mixing bowl until smooth

3. Let batter sit 30 seconds, then stir in cider vinegar 

4. Empty cake batter into a pastry bag and pipe into doughnut pans.

5. Bake for 18 - 20 min or until top looks dark golden brown. Let cool in pans. 

6. Mix brown and Wondrose sweetener with remaining cinnamon. Brush each doughnut with melted butter then toss in sweetener! 
7. Enjoy!


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