Sweet and Crunchy Homemade Keto Graham Cracker Recipe

Keto Graham Cracker Recipe

S’mores season is quickly approaching (or is every season s’mores season?) and what better way to prepare than with a low carb graham cracker recipe?! These sweet, crunchy and flavorful crackers will taste like the real thing with none of the junk!

What You'll Need:

- 1 package of Keto and Co Shortbread Cookie Mix (also on Amazon)

- 2 sticks butter, softened

- 1 egg

- ½ cup brown sugar substitute (recipe here)

- 2 Tbsp heavy cream

- 10 drops of Graham Cracker Extract from OooFlavors

- ½ tsp cinnamon


Cooking Instructions:

  1. Brown 2 sticks of butter.
  2. Add brown sugar substitute and 10 drops of Graham Cracker Extract from OooFlavors
  3. Let bubble, then add in the heavy cream.
  4. Stir until cream is fully incorporated - let simmer for 5 minutes on low. 
  5. Use 1 bag of Keto and Co Shortbread Cookie Mix. Stir in cinnamon and butter mixture to the mix. 
  6. Let the dough cool before adding one egg.
  7. Once dough is fully done - roll out to 1/4” thin. Make a rectangle and use a pizza cutter to cut the squares. Use a fork to poke holes giving them that classic look. 
  8. Bake in the oven for 12 minutes. Once cooked, let sit out for one day to get really crunchy!
  9. Make about 20 crackers


Makes 12 graham crackers. Each graham cracker has:

Calories: 196 calories

Net Carbs 1.6g

Fat: 20g

Protein: 4g

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