Sated Orange Creamsicle Recipe

Summer means warmer weather which means mixing up your Sated shake flavor to something sweet and fruity! Enjoy the delicious taste of sunshine with our keto orange creamsicle shake!


What You'll Need:

-1 Large Scoop Vanilla Sated Ready To Drink

-1 Small Scoop Keto Shake Oil or Heavy Cream

-Mio Orange Vanilla Drops or orange extract

-8-12 oz water

-Handful of ice

-Sugar free whipped cream (optional)


  1. Mix Sated Vanilla Powder, Keto Shake Oil (or heavy cream), 2 generous squirts of Mio Orange Vanilla, and 8-12 oz of water. 
  2. Blend in a handful of ice for designed thickness. 
  3. Top with sugar free whipped cream and enjoy!

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