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Coconut oil is a staple of the ketogenic diet because it is approximately 70% Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs are the easiest fat for the body to turn into energy.  MCTs go directly from the digestive system to the liver where they are turned into ketone bodies - where the keto diet gets its name.

We offer coconut oil in two varieties: Refined and Virgin Organic.   

Refined coconut oil has a mild buttery flavor without the characteristic coconut taste or scent. As a result, refined coconut oil can be used to cook a much wider range of dishes. It is excellent for sauteing and baking. Refined coconut oil tolerates medium high heat with a smoke point of around 400F.

Virgin organic coconut oil is made by cold pressing ripe coconuts. It is the least processed, most natural form of coconut oil you can get in a jar. Virgin coconut oil has a rich coconut scent and flavor. The rich flavor is excellent in baked dishes, curries, and sautees. Virgin coconut oil tolerates medium heat with a smoke point of around 350F.


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