Keto Brownie Mix

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A delicious indulgence with only 1.3 grams net carbs per 100 calories (yes, really). 

These brownies have a milk-chocolatey flavor and a light texture.  It might be more accurate to call them high-fiber milk-protein-almond-coconut-heavy-cream brownies given the ingredients, but that's a bit of a mouth full (like these brownies) and we think milk-chocolate is an acceptable shorthand.

These took over a year of research to get right.  We hired a french trained chef who initially scoffed "of course I can make you brownies" then swore at us when we told him all the things he couldn't use.  The initial batches were OK.  The samplers who had been on keto for a year were delighted, but the people who still ate carbs were non-plused.  "It's good for a keto brownie, but only ok for a regular brownie... I guess" was my 10 year old's take on it.  

Not content with merely "good for a keto brownie" we went back to our chef and after a few words that he assures us are indeed french words (french curse words) we ran another dozen batches, and finally got a blend that went from "good for a keto brownie" to "a really good brownie, can I have another."  I even snuck them to my 10 year old's friends as a snack without letting them know they were testing keto brownies.  

They all asked for seconds.

One bag of mix makes 9 brownies (210 calories each).  

Stevia-Sweetened and Dark Chocolate versions coming soon.


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