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Two of the leading keto soylents shakes (nutritionally complete shakes) available together for the first time, buy the 3 sampler set and get three meals at a $2.50 discount.

  • KetoOne, Available in Chocolate, is designed to be as natural as possible.  It gets nutrition from wheat grass, cocoa powder, ceylon cinnamon, and coconut flour.  The as-natural-as-possible goal means that some of the ingredients aren't available in super fine versions.  One Meal of KetoOne is 400 Calories.
  • Ketolent, Available in Chocolate and Vanilla, is designed to be smooth, delicious, and easy.  It gets nutrition from more refined sources, but because of the extra level of refinement all of the ingredients are available in super fine powders so Ketolent has a super smooth almost creamy texture.  One Meal of Ketolent is 400 Calories. 

We got our start in making keto food with KetoOne, then called KetoSoy, in December 2014.  In early 2016 Ketolent joined our product lineup.   We continue to make both shakes because, while they're both nutritionally complete, they appeal to different people -- and we care very deeply about making the keto diet accessible to as many people as possible and very little about which style of shake someone prefers.

$12.50 $15.00

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