Milk Protein Isolate

Product Description

If there's a better protein for the Keto diet, we don't know what it is.  This Isolated Milk Protein has a fantastic mix of protein and almost no carbs.  

The protein blend is superb.  20% Whey digests quickly sating hunger and starting to build muscle.  80% Casein digests slowly, keeping you full and anabolic (building muscle) longer than a whey isolate alone.   

Too much protein on the keto diet can be a problem, because excess protein is turned into sugar by the body via a process called gluconeogenesis.  There's usually an upper limit on protein for keto dieters for a reason (mildly ketogenic Dukkan dieting aside) and that reason is too much protein can kick you out of ketosis.  The level amino acid release from this protein means you get more muscle, and less gluconeogenesis per gram than whey alone.  

Available in three flavors;

  • Plain
  • Green Tea flavored with 100% natural real green tea powder, each serving is equal to drinking two cups of green tea.
  • Coffee flavored with 100% real freeze dried coffee, each serving is equal to drinking two cups of coffee.

Matcha Green Tea, Espresso, Chocolate Stevia, Chocolate Sucralose, Vanilla Stevia, and Vanilla Sucralose flavors coming soon.


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