Thank You!

Thank you for participating in the 2017 Keto Community Survey!  Results will be presented at KetoCon on September 2nd at 1:10pm as well as published online.  Data will be open sourced.

Here are your prizes:

Keto and Co $10 off 10ForKeto
Ketolent $10 off 2017KetoSurvey (1st month if subscription)
Keto Delivered $10 off KCKO2017 (1st month)
Keto Krate $10 off KAC10OFF (1st month)
Keto Chow $10 off KCSURVEY10
Keto Fuel $10 off KETOWARRIOR

The two free ticket to KetoCon will be drawn on 8/12.  Stay tuned!

If you have a keto company and would like to add a coupon, email ted thatroundathing longrunllc dotgoesherefollowedbycom for details.