Truly Zero, Zero Calorie Liquid Sweeteners

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These liquid sweeteners are ideal for the keto diet because unlike most powdered sweetener packs, these are truly zero carb and truly zero calorie sweeteners.  In the average packet of yellow sweetener (you know who we're talking about) there is a gram of dextrose, pure sugar.  But in Keto and Co liquid sweeteners there's truly zero carbohydrates.  

We make almost everything we produce in both Stevia and Sucralose versions because we know different people's taste buds respond differently.  Most people one tastes much more like real sugar with far less of an after taste than the other.  

If you don't know which one is good for you, grab the one of each set and give them both a try.  Have a family member or friend give you a blind taste test of three drops in a cup of water -- which one you like might surprise you.

Each 1/2 ounce bottle has the equivalent sweetness of 4 to 6 pounds (yes, pounds!) of sugar.  A little goes a long way.

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